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The first full-length, self-titled release from Nashville duo Experimenting With Dawn, out October 31, 2016, proves that there is, indeed, a catchier side of the dark. Multi-instrumentalist Michael Louis and vocalist Gabrielle Fae meld their disparate backgrounds to create a refreshing blend of darkwave and alt rock. Coming off as a steady stream of singles, this is the first full length for the band.

“This was my first time writing all of the music, recording all of the instruments, and singing half of the vocals on any one recording, so taking on that workload was very new to me,” says Louis. While the new tasks were ambitious, Louis is already a seasoned musician, having taken up the drums at age 9 and guitar and bass not long after. His previous musical efforts blended glam and punk rock, showing his love of breaking genre barriers. Fae has always found solace in singing, and recalls hushing her mother whenever she heard her initial influence, Ann Wilson’s voice, on the car radio.

On the new album, Louis is finally realizing some long-standing musical dreams of his. “This is a collection of ideas and musical experiments that I have always wanted to do. I’ve wanted to do a ‘dark’ album for several years, but I struggled with the sound of my voice not fitting the music. Obviously, I got over that, but it helps to have a great vocalist like Gabrielle to sing the songs I write.”

It was the bond between Louis and Fae that launched Experimenting With Dawn. Not only were the two married in the past, but their musical collaboration began when Louis wrote “Bring The Moon” as a birthday present for Fae, so she could experience the recording process. “Bring the Moon is about my recovery from an emotionally abusive relationship with an ex-boyfriend. When it was over I felt quite beat down and used up. I withdrew from everyone for a couple of years. It was a hard road of healing after that. This song was the final stretch of that road. I hope it can help someone else going through a similar ordeal,” says Fae.

Elsewhere on the album, heavy themes are spun into catchy numbers with driving beats. “So Close, Too Close,” written about Louis’ longtime stalker, pivots around a bassline that dares you to follow it through the dark. The song has an overall effect of making listeners want to dance to the hairs standing up on the backs of their necks. Later on the album, “Stranger to Me” explores personal change with a new take on new wave. Boropulse.com praised the single, writing that it “features some of the best lyrics of the batch, painting a vivid picture without going too over-dramatic and gothic. That’s matched with melodic guitar riffs and uptempo drums for a solid introduction to the duo.”

Experimenting with Dawn will be available digitally via bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other major music distributors on October 31, 2016. CD’s will be available only through Amazon on Demand. For more information on Experimenting With Dawn, contact experimentingwithdawn@live.com.


released October 4, 2016



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Experimenting With Dawn Nashville, Tennessee

Experimenting With Dawn is a Nashville, TN Gothic Rock outfit. Their dynamic approach is due to the amalgam of influences shared by its members. Bridging a classic Gothic feel with elements of Shoegaze and Ambient Rock, Gabrielle Fae and Michael Louis have created a sound unique to their Post-Punk counterparts.
Fluid vocal styles and impassioned instrumentation create a cauldron of astute Rock.
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Track Name: So Close, Too Close
So Close, Too Close
Lyrics and music by Michael Louis

Verse 1:
3 years was too long
To shield myself from the war you brought
I’ll be forever finding
Carnage left in the wake of you
Time heals all wounds,
Except for the ones that can’t be seen
So paranoid,
So much destroyed

So close, too close (much too close)
So close, too close
So close, too close (much too close)
So close, too close
Your obsession, is aggression
And you’ve become,
So close, too close

Verse 2:
Your headlights go black
In the rain, on the road, in the car behind me
Shadows follow
The hair stands up on the back of my neck
Myself I protect,
From your mental disconnect

Repeat Chorus

Myself, I must protect
From your mental disconnect
Your obsession, is aggression
And you’ve become
So close, too close
Track Name: Mad Descension
Mad Descension
Lyrics by Michael Louis & Gabrielle Fae
Music by Michael Louis

Verse 1
As the summer fades to fall
Rain cascades in grey teardrops
Does it slow you to a crawl,
To languish in your blind-spots?

Have you made peace with your youth?
Or still cling to poisoned anger?
Does your distance from the truth
Help you hide from imagined danger?

Breeds confusion,
Breeds delusion

Locked in isolation
Lost in self-medication
Driven to a mad descension
Falling into fatal sedation

Verse 2
When the paranoia wins
The resolve deep inside you wavers,
You fall victim to yourself

All that’s left is blood and bone
Do you care who cleans up your mess?
Would it matter if you’d known?
Would you’ve shown signs of distress?
Any SOS?

Repeat Chorus

Breeds confusion,
Breeds delusion,
Such a desperate solution
Track Name: Who She Portrays
Who She Portrays
Lyrics and music by Michael Louis

Verse 1:
Is she afraid,
When she’s dancing alone?
Who’s going to be there when her looks fade?
Is she asking for too much?

Verse 2:
Does she feel ashamed,
When the truth’s exposed?
Who could protect her from herself?
Who dares to hold her in esteem?

She’s only hoping to be saved
Just a way to keep you enslaved
She isn’t who she portrays

Musical Break

Waiting is her hardest option,
Dancing, her only release
Approach her with careful caution
She’s volatile, to say the least

Verse 3:
Is she aware,
Of the grief she’ll cause?
To be with her, is to be alone
Too much damage, to be saved
She isn’t who she portrays

Musical Break

Her chastity is just a fantasy
Tall tales to keep you within range
Who dares to take her at her word?
She isn’t who she portrays

Musical Break
Track Name: Stranger To Me
Stranger to Me
Lyrics by Michael Louis
Music by Michael Louis

Verse 1:
Imagine if you will
When time stood still
In a basement with a book
In the bane of what they took

Before I ran
Life was larger than…
And I could be benign
Hopeful, by design

It’s a danger to see
And stranger to agree,
With these changes in me
I lost what I hid
Now that eager kid,
Is a stranger to me

Verse 2:
Holed up in my room
An untimely tomb
Still scared to try to break out
Holed up in my doubt

Days that once were good
Passed by where I stood
A small catastrophe
Such vulgar atrophy

Track Name: Primal Need
Primal Need
Lyrics and music by Michael Louis

Verse 1:
I fold, in carnal need
Tailspin into your eyes
Defer to untold lust
Our blood runs hot and red

For the promise of pleasure
I bide in a feverish state, of primal need

Verse 2:
Lift me to a soaring climb
Numb to my release
Hot, lewd anxiety
Sweat pours from eager meat

For the promise of pleasure
I bide in a feverish state, of primal need

Verse 3:
Warm in your morphine touch
Abject without shame
High from your teeming scent
Thin-skinned to every urge

The flesh! The flesh!
For the promise of pleasure
I bide in a feverish state, of primal need
The flesh! The flesh!
Such desperate measures
For the promise of pleasure
I bide in the fever of primal need
Track Name: Burden
Lyrics by Michael Louis and Gabrielle Fae
Music by Michael Louis

Verse 1:
Cutting ties
Feel the blade right through my bones
Better on my own
Spinning lies
A web that chokes my will to grow
Rupturing my soul
Now I block that dead end road

Can’t look ahead
Can’t see behind,
Your lies kept me blind
All that you said
Got realigned in my mind
The burden of your words
Is no longer mine

Verse 2:
Hell may burn
Boil the blood that’s in my heart
Tear my flesh apart
And I’ve learned
You sell your pain like painted art
Truth you won’t impart
Where you end is where I start

Repeat Chorus

Can’t look ahead
Can’t see behind,
Your lies kept me blind
All that you said
Got realigned in my mind
The burden of your words
Is no longer mine, to bear
Track Name: Falter
Lyrics and music by Michael Louis

Verse 1:
Race down
Into the darkness
Into the void of you
Drawn inside
Sun into lightning
Scaling the edge
Watching you break down
Keep tapping that vein
Draining that well dry
Depleting the main

So ghostly and pale
Those rainbows you chase turn black
Fragile and lost
Nailed to your cross
You falter and fade

Verse 2:
Chasing those dragons
Down to the high unknown
Swallowed whole
In torrents of fear
Afraid to live
Watching you falter
I’m shedding the blame
Fashion your poison
And cover your pain